Lash Extensions

Discover thicker, longer and more dramatic lashes

Do you wish for longer, thicker lashes without the hassle of mascara and strip lashes? Discover how amazing your eyes can look with eyelash extensions. Our extensions add drama and depth to your eyes, with a look that lasts morning to night. Their realistic appearance makes eyelash extensions ideal for day-to-day activities as well as glamorous night out looks. We proudly use Bella Lashes.

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What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions lengthen, thicken and enhance your own natural eyelashes. Individual eyelash extensions are single strand synthetic mink eyelashes that come in different lengths, thicknesses and curls to suit the look you are after. Eyelash extensions can give you and enhanced natural look, or something more glamorous and dramatic.

What is the process of getting eyelash extensions?

The process take 1.5-2 hours for a full set and is completely painless. In fact, you just lay back, close your eyes, and relax – don’t be surprised if you fall asleep! We start with a consultation as each person’s lashes will vary in strength and length. Followed by a lash cleanse and prime. A under eye mask will be applied to smooth and hydrate the under eye as well as hydrating lip balm. The extension application will take place next. Once your extensions are finished you will be given take home instructions to ensure longevity of your lashes.

What do eyelash extensions feel like when they are on?

When properly applied, they look and feel like your own natural lashes.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

When applied and cared for properly, eyelash extensions will last indefinitely with fills and anywhere between 3-4 weeks without fills. Your natural lashes are constantly growing and shedding just like the hair on your head, but on a much shorter cycle. Over a 2-5 week period some of the natural lashes will reach the end their cycle and be shed, taking the extension with them and a new lash will grow in it’s place. At the fill appointment we will add new extensions to the new natural lashes that have grown to replace the extensions that are lost due to natural shedding.

How often are fills recommended?

We recommend getting a touch up every 2-3 weeks. If you wait too long (4 weeks or more) for a fill, you will have to much loss and require a full set. Touch-ups are required to replenish any lashes that have fallen out due to the completion of the lash cycle.

What if I wear contact lenses? Can I still get eyelash extensions?

Wearing contacts does not affect your lash extensions in any way. If you cannot comfortably keep your eyes closed with your contacts in for the duration of the extensions application (2 hours for full sets- 1 hour for touch-ups), then we recommend you remove your contacts before your appointment.

Can I still wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

Even though it is not recommended or required since the extensions already give you the illusion of mascara, it can still be worn. However, it must be water-based mascara. Oil-based or waterproof mascara can dissolve the bonding agent and shorten the life of your lash extensions, causing them to fall out sooner. Also, extra care needs to be taken when washing off mascara.

Can I still swim, shower, exercise or go to the spa while wearing eyelash extensions?

Yes! the bonding agent we use sets and allows all of these activities, 24 hours after application.


  • Full Set: $150
  • Fill (2 Weeks): $55
  • * After 2 weeks from initial application with no fill a full set application will be required.
  • Removal: $35

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